I have spent the past 19 years raising my three amazing kids in Boxford MA with my husband and my 3 dogs. I found my passion for nature and art at age 50.  I am looking forward to embracing  it all for the next 50!   I am super crafty, creative and into natural  living – all while enjoying the zest of life.   

My Medium

       I have always thought outside the box finding different ways to create unique art.   Nature is my medium and the foundation for my inspirations. When you open your eyes there are endless possibilities! Bark, moss, mushrooms, acorns, vines, sand,  plants and  more provide my canvas.  Never knowing the exact outcome is most exciting!  

My Inspiration

        Nature is what inspires my creativity.  I venture into the woods daily with my three dogs gathering one of Mother Nature’s beauties;  fallen bark from trees.  Each one-of-kind creation  is designed and inspired by my encounters with nature.  I incorporate the Hidden Hearts I see in nature into  my art.  Nature touches my heart and fills me with gratitude for sharing my inspirations with you. I hope each piece brings seasons of love to your home or garden. "Hidden Hearts are everywhere, it's what you choose to see"        

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