Bark Art is made from Mother Nature's beauties; tree bark

What is Bark Art

The word LOVE made from bark hanging from a hand made ribbon

 Nature is my medium and the foundation for my inspirations. Bark, moss, vines, plants and more provide my canvas. Each one-of-kind creation is designed and inspired by my encounters with nature. I incorporate hidden hearts that I see in nature into my creations. My Bark Art is made from bark I gather from the ground. Each piece is soaked, scrubbed and dried. The bark is then manipulated into different creations. The process is meticulous and slow but always results in a unique piece of art. Some of my creations include hand crafted heart collages, picture frames, framed bark art, rustic candle holders and Bark Art Dogs where bark pieces are manipulated to create an incredible replica of a beloved canine!  

Framed Art

Frames  made from old wood, chalk paint is applied and a hearts made from bark & moss are located inside.

Frames  are  cut from  old pallet board  and fence. The use of Chalk paint, stain and Shou Sugi Ban are a few techniques applied to the frames. Hearts are made from bark and moss gathered in the woods. Chicken wire is used for accent. 


Frames made from pallet board & Chalk paint.  Moss  gathered & preserved to allow creation of heart

 Heart Collages are beautifully hand crafted. Bark pieces, much like the pieces of a puzzle, magically come together to make unique hearts that make a special gift to enhance every decor. 


Bark art price list

For dog lovers,  bark pieces are manipulated to create an incredible replica of your favorite pet!  Just supply a favorite photo. Special order required. 

Briard sheep dog

Briar dog made from tree bark.

English Cream Golden Retriever

English Cream Golden Retrievers made from bark