Procedure making Bark Art


  • Tree bark is collected from the ground.
  • Each piece is soaked, cleaned and dried.
  • a larger image is created  of your pet and transformed onto a board to be used as a guide.
  • Each piece of bark is broken, cut or shaved and then place piece by piece and glued to form the body of the dog.  Smaller pieces are meticulously used to fill in the gaps 
  • A second layer of bark is created on the back of the dog for durability.
  • Shaving is used to eliminate roughness.
  • A wire hanger is attached to the back.
  • The dog is coated with two layers of sealer and a final topcoat waiting a day in between each coat to allow it to cure correctly.
  • The final stage is engraving your message on the back of the dog.

The reward

Each piece  I make is one of a kind and made with a whole lot of love.  It is important for me to  be able to create  a piece of art that  brings a smile to your face.  We LOVE our dogs and if I can help cherish that love  than  I am content.  


If you have a picture of a heart hidden, please share it and I will post it for all to see.