Making Bart Art


  • I collect only fallen tree bark from the ground.  
  • Each pieces is soaked, cleaned and dried.
  • Once I receive a picture of the dog I create a larger image of the requested size and transform  that onto a board  to be used a `guide. .  
  • Each piece needs to be broken, cut, or shaved   and then place-by-piece to form the body of the dog.  Simultaneously gluing it.  
  • If pieces do not snuggly fit I have to meticulously place smaller pieces to fill in the gaps
  • I create a second layer of bark on the back of the dog to secure its durability.
  • It then needs to be shaved to eliminate roughness.
  • A wire hanger is attached to the back.  
  • It is coated with 2 layers of sealer and a final topcoat waiting a day in between each coat to allow it to cure correctly.
  • The final stage is engraving your message on the back

My one -of- a -kind creations are  made with  lots of love.  It is important for me to  be able to create  a piece of art that will bring a smile to your face.    We all love our dogs.  If I can help you express that love than I am content.